Friday, July 26, 2013

It's Finally Here!! It's Finally Here!!! (Can you tell that I am excited?)

So my "baby" is finally here.  Not a real baby, but I have been carrying "it" for about 9 months ha-ha.  The project that I have working on finally went on the market today.  I have been so busy that I was not able to work on it as often as I had wanted to, but I'm finally done with it today :)  Hip Hip Hooray!

This is my Common Core Reader Response Notebook for the Primary grades.  

Here are some tips for implementing this into your classroom

When possible, give students choice for independent reading.  You may need to help guide them to find an appropriate response activity that will suit their selection or what you are working on.

Throughout the year model each type of response so that students have a clear idea of what you are looking for
Respond to student responses in a timely fashion.  Immediate feedback will keep students on track and excited to please you.
Conduct meetings during guided reading, and showcase some exemplar responses during this time.  Then send students back to read and respond on their own while it is fresh in their minds.
Use this resource any way you see fit.  You do not need to have a structured notebook, like I have suggested. You may choose to teach, model, and then practice one skill at a time.

Sneak peak

Off to vacation...relax mode here I come... 


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