Monday, January 28, 2013


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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Testing Testing Testing...

Mid Year is here, and so are the tests.  I feel for all the teachers who are trying to find meaningful things for their students to do while they complete 4-7 assessments with each student during the 2 week testing period.  I wish that I could solve the problem, and be able to hire someone to do all the testing so that the teachers could teach (wouldn't that be a great business opportunity).  I was in a DATA meeting today, and I just feel for the wonderful Kindergarten teachers who just want to teach, but have to find the time to test too.  I wish I had the magic answer, but instead, I have posted a freebie below.  Here is something that I would consider a meaningful activity for students to work on independently.  Hope it helps just a little bit!

Freebie! Reader Response Brochure

Let me know if you like it!

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Have a Great Night!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Great Day

Just got back from an awesome conference presented by Tim Rasinski.  It focused on fluency and comprehension.  I'm super excited to go through the information and to decide how I want to implement it into my teaching.  More on that later this weekend...

TGIF tomorrow

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rockin' to the Rock Cycle Lyrics

Rockin' to the Rock Cycle...has never been more fun!

If you are teaching Earth Science and the Rock Cycle,  check out my original rap song to teach the cycle.  Please feel free to re-record with your own (and probably much better) voice before you play it for your students haha!


There is a preview to this song, or you can purchase the whole thing in my Teacher Pay Teacher store

Rockin to the Rock Cycle Lyrics
Written and Created by Jennifer Scioscio

Chorus: A cycle is something
Always changing
Round and round
The earth is rearranging

Let’s start with igneous rock
It comes from inside the earth- what a shock

Magma or lava
is how it will start…
A volcano or crack
rips the earth apart

Magma is lava
Inside earth it flows
Lava is magma
When it is exposed

It hardens and forms
An igneous rock
Let’s continue our song
Were on to sedimentary rock


Erosion and weathering
Sediments and sand
Pebbles and mud
Pile up to make the land

Layers and layers
bones, plants and dust
Clamshells, plankton
pile up to form the crust.


Now we’re gonna talk
About the metamorphic rock

Meta means
After…beyond, along
Morphic means
Change. Lets get back to the song

Metamorphic rock
starts out as something old
heat and pressure
make the new rock unfold

some change a little
others change a lot
It all depends on how much pressure
and how hot


A cycle is something
always changing
Round and round
The earth is rearranging

Rocks are cool
Rocks are hot
Rocks are fun
Give them a shot

Collect them
Study them
Give them to a friend
Break them open
The fun has no end

I'm Back!  I decided to revamp my blog and start fresh.  I kind of dropped off the blogging world, but and I'm committed to becoming a blogger this year!  I hope to be able to provide you with some of the best teacher goodies for your classrooms.

Currently, I'm enjoying a snow day on my couch with my 2 pups by my side. I'm reading up on some of my favorite blogs so that I can learn to be a better blogger.  Thankful to be living in New England today...however I'm sure that I will feel differently come June when we are making up days in the 90 degree heat.  Anyway...have a lovely day