Tuesday, February 25, 2014


There I said it, I admit that I am horrible at blogging!  That is why I should be going to the TPT conference in Las Vegas this summer.  However, if I tell my husband this excuse, I highly doubt he would see that as a convincing argument.  

Reasons Why I should be allowed to go to the Las Vegas TPT conference....

1.  It is the first one EVER that TPT is having (who would want to miss that?)
2.  I need help learning about blogging 
3.  It's VEGAS ( I don't really need any other excuses)
4. It's right around my first wedding anniversary (Hubby can come too)
5.  I need a vacation to look forward to...
6.  Deanna Jump is presenting...
7.  I can meet other smart TPT sellers 
8. Because I deserve it
9. See number 8
10. See number 8.

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